A drunken interview with Joshua Collette, an animator, musician, and all around cool guy

Sunday night, a couple friends, my husband, and I got completely hammered. It was about 2 a.m. when I got the idea to interview one of them for this blog. My friend Josh — who is extremely talented as an artist, as a person who works as an animator in game design, and as a musician — said he was up for it. Also, I wanted to practice my impromptu interviewing skills while drunk, just in case I ever run into that situation in the wild.

While he tuned one of my husband’s guitars, we all sat around and drank while I asked him a few questions. I recorded the interview with my phone and then transcribed it Monday afternoon while hungover.

EG: Let’s quickly talk about how we met. We worked together at a newspaper 30 miles south of the Canadian border where it was winter six months out of the year. It was terrible.

JC: If I could describe it in a word, I’d call it catastrophic. The ice froze every bit of us.

EG: Basically, we became friends out of necessity.

JC: Yes, most certainly.

EG: Not too long after, I asked you to be my maid (read: man) of honor at my wedding and, even though we had only known each other for like six months, you said yes. Was that weird for you? Have you ever been anyone else’s maid of honor?

JC: I’ve never been in another wedding in my life. Wait, that’s not true. I was a groomsman once at someone’s wedding.

EG: You’re such a liar.

JC: But I was very drunk at that wedding so it doesn’t count.

EG: Yeah, but you were also very drunk at my wedding.

JC: True. But I remember yours.


EG: So, how’ve you been buddy?

JC: I’ve been good. I’m excited to work more on game design when I have more time.

EG: You know, most people I’ve interviewed have specialized in one hobby or have one distinct career path, but you’re not like most people. You have a lot of interesting hobbies and you’re good at a lot of things. You’re kind of like a Josh of all trades.

JC: That’s probably a very good phrase for me.

EG:  But what would you say you’re most passionate about? What’s your number one, ride-or-die interest/hobby?

JC: Game design. Games as a medium are more important than most means as an art form. Interactive experiences or, for lack of a better term, “games” are my thing. It’s very easy to wrap very important expressions of artistic designs as just a game when in reality it’s a personal experience. A lot of people don’t get the recognition they deserve in that field. I am very drunk.

EG: Do you even remember the question I asked?

JC: Yes. Kind of.

EG: What about your other hobbies? Which of them often get thrown by the wayside?

JC: I was a very passionate musician. But I put a lot of that behind me because people in my circle didn’t want to explore in the styles of music I was interested in, specifically mid-African music combined with western-European, Romani gypsy culture. [Laughs] It sounds really obscure, but it’s really just like reggae and gypsy music put together. That’s the kind of music that has recently been catching my attention.

EG: I still say we should start a band.

JC: I genuinely believe that I will lend my slightly untalented hand to anything that is makeshift because it’s enjoyable. I remember a time when I would record everything. And I wanted to make money with it. Frankly, I wanted it to be a financial means to an end. But the reality is that I’m content knowing I can create something. If you feel it, you feel it. If you don’t, you don’t. That’s perfectly reasonable. I feel if you could use ten percent of this interview, it will be a miracle.

EG: What’s the most useless talent you have?

JC: I can tune a guitar to a high E.

EG: While completely inebriated.

JC: Yeah, definitely. No, it’s a good question, because I’ve worked in music, I’ve worked in tattoo shops, and I’ve worked in game design. I have so many useless talents. But I guess tuning a guitar to a high E while drunk is one of the top ones.

EG: What would you name your boat if you had one?

JC: I’m going to tie this into the last question. Probably … “Nothing Is Useless.” Nothing Is Useless, the ship. H.M.S., her majesty ship, Nothing Is Useless.

EG: What’s the silliest item on your desk at home?

JC: That’s a weird question. I have my extracted molars from when my teeth were pulled.

EG: Which teeth?

JC: I don’t know the numbers exactly. I’m not a dentist.

EG: Why do you have teeth on your desk?

JC: I had my teeth pulled and they’re in a tiny little box called a tooth saver. I don’t know why they’re there but they are.

EG: What do you think is the best album of all time and why?

JC: Oh, shit.

EG: You didn’t think this was coming?

JC: Probably Rush’s 2112.

EG: We were just listening to that yesterday! I wanted to listen to something with good drums.

JC: Oh, yeah. Neil Peart is a wonderful example of a phenomenal drummer. He is a perfect musician. The fact he had to sit in with a jazz drummer to make his drumming less perfect should describe how great of a drummer he is.

EG: I just told Steve yesterday that I’m giving myself until I’m 27 to play drums in a band. So I have about a year and a half … to learn how to play the drums.

JC: How’s your drumming going?

EG: I mean, I just played for the first time like two days ago. It’s gonna be fun. I gotta go to bed. Anything else?

JC: I did this with a lot of alcohol in my body.

EG: Okay. Well, that’s it then. I have to pee so bad.

JC: Me too.

Josh is a guy who does a lot of cool stuff. You can see more of his interesting life on his Instagram, @jrofthecreeps, and his Twitter, @jrofthecreeps.

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