Question of the week: 2/22

So, maybe last week’s question didn’t really work out. You know what else didn’t work out last week? Me. And you know what? I’m a little pudgy and I don’t mind it, ok?

Last week I asked everyone who follows me on my insta as well as the Q&A insta how they think art can change the world. One person, my friend Gema from high school, gave me a response and it was perfect.

Here’s what Gema said: “It’s a form of communication. It can help connect people without having to say one word directly to one person. I personally love taking the time on something that catches my attention & admiring what I see/am listening to, feeling the emotions while trying to understand what was put into it or simply taking what I found in it with me. It changes my world in knowing I am somehow connected to someone without having to experience something with them.”

When I read that, I almost cried. But then … NO ONE ELSE ANSWERED THE QUESTION. That’s totally okay though because it was a hard question and I don’t think anyone could have answered better than Gema anyway.

This week I thought I’d think of a much easier, more fun question: “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” Here are the responses I got:

“Be invisible!” — Erin

“Teleportation. Then I’d never have to drive again.” — Cherri

“Erase past events.” — Sarah

“Never sleep, tyvm.” — Ethan

“Freezing time.” — Steve

“I’d heal people … Or walk through walls. :)” — Maria

As for me, I would definitely choose teleportation. It’s the best one, hands down. Although all these other ideas are pretty damn good, too. Stay tuned for next week’s question … which I haven’t thought of yet. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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