I’m Elly. I started Q&A in early 2019 because I know a lot of interesting people.

I thought the internet needed a space where I could learn more about these interesting people and, at the same time, offer them a platform to promote themselves and/or their art. I think everyone has a story to tell, and I’m here to help them flesh it out.

As for me and what I’m all about, I’m a blue-haired, award-winning journalist. I’ve worked for a handful of newspapers in both New Mexico and New York state as a reporter, copy editor, photographer, and feature writer. My favorite part of being in a newsroom was always interviewing people who were passionate about their work or their art. I currently live in Albany, New York, with my husband Steven; our cat, Arthur; and two Labrador retrievers, Steven (whom I met before I met my husband) and Edgar. When I’m not curating content for this site, writing the occasional novel, or trying embarrassingly hard to get my poetry published, you’ll probably find me sitting on my couch rewatching episodes of Twin Peaks.

Want to be interviewed? Contact Elly Gibson at ellyatqanda[at]gmail.com.